About Robin

Robin Ajder's journey through life has been a testament to the power of transformation and creative resilience. Overcoming a challenging nine-year battle with drug addiction at the age of 25, Robin made a courageous decision to embrace a healthier and more fulfilling path. It was during the trying times of the Covid-19 lockdown that the spark of creativity ignited within Robin's spirit.

Despite never considering himself a traditionally creative individual and lacking formal training, Robin embarked on an artistic journey driven by intuition and a desire to express their unique perspective. His early artistic endeavours may have appeared basic, but it didn't take long for Robin to carve out a distinctive abstract style that was entirely his own.

One defining theme woven into Robin's art is a profound understanding of human connection and the exchange of vital energy. Drawing inspiration from the intricate dynamics of human interaction, his work beautifully captures the essence of relationships and the energy they generate. Additionally, a deep reverence for nature, particularly the sea, serves as a wellspring of creativity. The ocean's calming influence and the peace Robin finds in its embrace are recurring motifs in his work.

What distinguishes Robin's creations is the unwavering commitment to the handmade. Each piece is a labor of love, with the more intricate works demanding over 40 hours of meticulous craftsmanship. The imperfections, celebrated rather than concealed, offer a genuine reflection of the hand-drawn process that breathes life into every piece.

Art has seamlessly evolved into one of the central passions in Robin's life. Beyond a source of personal affection, it has become an indispensable creative outlet, anchoring them in a realm of positivity and balance. Robin's journey is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of art, resilience, and the unyielding spirit of the human soul.

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  • Gicleéxpress Presents… Artist Open House Winter 2023

    Nov - Dec 2023, 13 Marlborough Street.

    Featuring 12 emerging and established contemporary artists, our Open House promises a unique experience for Christmas shoppers and art enthusiasts alike.

  • Roy's Art Fair.

    28 Sept - 1st Oct 2023, Bargehouse Oxo Tower Wharf.

    Londons only artist run art fair offering both emerging and established artists an alternative opportunity to showcase their work in a unique and affordable way.

  • 'New Beginnings' SOLO SHOW

    July - August 2023, Weighahead Gallery.

    The opening of my solo show, “New beginnings” at the Weighahead Gallery in Dunblane was a great success.

    New Beginnings Solo Show 
  • Smack Tacos Brighton

    Saturday 5th August 2023, Studio by Sea.

    Smack Tacos is a Pop-Up concept – you buy an art print and get free tacos on top.

    Smack Tacos Event Page 
  • The Albert Road House (Brighton Artist Open House)

    May 2023, The Albert Road House.

    Brighton Artist open house festival as part of the 7 Dials Art Trail in Brighton.

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  • People of Print Comunity

    When I first started making art, POP members like @zoeanker were a huge inspiration. So it’s amazing to reach this milestone in my art career!

    My artists profile is now live on the POP website - check out it!

    People of Print Profile 
  • The Cab Run (group show in Brighton)

    February 2023, Trafalgar Street.

    Over 50 contemporary artists shown in a unique environment of an abandoned Victorian taxi cab tunnel dating back to the 1840’s, adapted to create a spectacular exhibition venue.

    In association with Southern Railway.