Sharing the importance of connection through art inspired by my journey of mental health and overcoming addiction.

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In Robin's artistic journey, he has triumphed over a challenging past, conquering a 9-year struggle with addiction at the age of 25. Seeking fulfilment and steering clear of temptation, he discovered art during the Covid-19 lockdown. Untrained but intuitive, he embraced a distinctive abstract style, finding beauty in imperfections. His creations, born of over 40 hours of meticulous work, echo the energy of human connection and the tranquility of nature, particularly the sea and the sun. His handmade pieces and unedited print reproductions reflect a profound commitment to authenticity. Art is not just a passion but a vital source of positivity and balance.

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"My lived experience is that human beings struggle in isolation, but begin to flourish when connected to each other - being able to give and receive energy."

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