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Blue Chaos

Blue Chaos

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For 'Blue Chaos' the sea is my source of inspiration, because its chaotic and choppy, whilst also being full of patterns and symmetry. When viewing this piece from a distance, a rough singular outline can be seen. But when viewed from close up, each shape becomes clearly defined. There are parallels in this piece to the sea, but also to the human race. Both being comprised of nearly infinite individual elements, which can be viewed as a whole, or as separate entities. This piece sits alongside 'Blue Realm' and 'Blue Shimmer' as a trio of works.


I have an excellent framing partner who uses superior quality hand-made wooden frames that come from sustainably sourced and managed UK forests. Frames come complete with 2mm float glass, hard-board backs and hanging system and are available in white.


I'm so confident that you'll love my prints, I'm offering a 14 day money back guarantee. See Refund Policy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Bright and vibrant

Robin’s works are bright and vibrant, the shapes and lines draw you in and capture your attention. Apart from being uplifting to look at, the quality of his art is also technically very good.each work is invested with Robin’s time, talent and his story.

Anne Asquith
I may have to buy some more!

I am not usually a fan of abstract art but was drawn to the shapes and colours in Robin’s
work. I bought four pieces that I thought would work well in our home, three to group
together and one larger, single piece, and I am delighted with the result! The colours are
really vibrant and have a depth that isn’t captured online.
The quality of the framing is excellent and the white frames really allow the works to come
I have tried them in various different rooms around the house and they look great
everywhere. I may have to buy some more!