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Tribe 2

Tribe 2

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The inspiration for this series of work called 'Tribe' comes from my lived experience. When I was losing the battle with drug addiction, I was profoundly isolated from other people. I avoided connecting with others as much as possible, and when contact was unavoidable I put on a mask to hide what was really going on in my life. The human connection felt threatening and like too big of a risk to take.

When I started attending recovery groups in 2017 and managed to get clean and sober, I was suddenly part of a thriving community. This was jarring at first, but quickly I realised how important being connected to this community was going to be to my recovery.

Today my 'tribe' is full of the most incredible people who support, motivate and inspire me. This series of work is dedicated to my tribe. The colours are bold and bright. The geometric shapes are powerful in their simplicity but also in the way they connect and overlap with each other. This series can be viewed one piece at a time, however, it's when it's brought together that it has the greatest impact.


I have an excellent framing partner who uses superior quality hand-made wooden frames that come from sustainably sourced and managed UK forests. Frames come complete with 2mm float glass, hard-board backs and hanging system and are available in white.


I'm so confident that you'll love my prints, I'm offering a 14 day money back guarantee. See Refund Policy.

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